The Tartan Window Is Closing

Call me dramatic, but the window on tartan is closing! Once Christmas hits, I really believe most tartans should be “retired” until the following season. It’s such a short window where I think tartan, especially extra Christmas-y ones with red, work. And that window is closing! Time to get on it if you want to…

Some A Few Favorites


Blackwatch This Winter

Confession! I almost forgot to post these photos! They somehow got buried in my pile of outfits to post and I randomly found them again. At first I almost scrapped the outfit all together because the shoes were sold out online… and I thought, what’s the point. BUT! Then I found out that there are still…

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This Season of Life

Breaking away from the normal programming because I’m just really loving this season of life. Sure, it’s lovely that it’s Christmastime and that we had our first real snowfall and that our house is decorated in its holiday best. But I’m really just happy with life right now. Not to say that life is perfect–…

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Ten Things I LOVE On Sale Today

For today’s Cyber Monday, I thought I’d round up ten things I have that are currently on sale!!! MY FAVORITE BOOTS, 20% Off Today I got these right before a trip to Paris and held my breath hoping they’d be comfortable. They were beyond comfortable and I walked miles and miles every single day without…

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Tuckernuck’s Taffeta

Happy December!!!! This is SUCH a great dress for the holidays. Tuckernuck really knocked it out of the park– and now I have it in multiple colors because I fell so in love with this black one. Its short hemline mixed with this silhouette gives it a flirty but classic style. I am here for…

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December @ A Glance

Last month of the decade!!!! I’m trying to pack in as many festive activities as possible. Things are going to be kind of crazy workwise the first two weeks and then ease off. I’m taking a week off completely, which I’m looking forward to disconnecting and just hanging out with friends and family. Mike and…


What I Read in November

This was a GREAT month for reading… mostly because I read what will undoubtedly be a top read of THE YEAR…. KNOW MY NAME by Chanel Miller 5/5 Stars Hands DOWN the best book I’ve read all year. It’s absolutely phenomenal. Chanel Miller was the victim of sexual assault by a Stanford student. (You may…

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Black Friday

I can hardly keep up with the sales this year. It seems like there’s a new one every day and every retailer is doing their own thing. To cut down on some of the noise, I’m just going to share the very best and super curated list that I think you guys will like the…

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Cold Weather

My Magic Boots

First, I have to admit that we took these photos on what must have been the coldest morning we’ve had this season so far. I have an issue where my eyes tear terribly in cold weather– like not just watery… it looks like I watched the world’s saddest movie. By the time we finished shooting,…

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