On My Radar

I’m en route to Palm Beach this morning with a girls’ trip with Maddie! I’m so excited for some sunshine, girl time, shopping, and needlepointing. Other than doing a little extra prep-work ahead of being away, it was a pretty standard week over here. Shooting for my blog is pretty weather dependent, which can be…


What I Read in February

Apparently I read a lot this month! And I really enjoyed a lot of the books, only one “dud.” I think I read almost every night before bed, even the weekends and I found myself doing an extra loop around the neighborhood with the dogs to listen to another 15 minutes of an audiobook! OLIVE…

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Rothy’s Review: Are Rothy’s Worth the Hype

Wow. Okay, so let me preface this by saying that I have known about Rothy’s for a while and I definitely have heard about it buzzed about a lot. Particularly in my blog’s Facebook group. I finally bit the bullet and decided to give them a try when they released the new Mary Jane style….

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Winter Re-Wear

I’ve been pushing myself to shop my closet more, especially on those “I have nothing to wear days!”, but probably more importantly “special events.” I feel like almost all of my friends at this point are doing Rent the Runway or RTR unlimited and are showing up to special events in very expensive “new” outfits….

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How I Clean and Keep Things White

I am just going to be super forthright in saying… this is going to be a bizarre post. And it may not be for everyone, but it’s been a series of questions I get a lot: How do I keep various things clean and white? I’m selfishly compiling this post so that I can just…

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The Cutest Backpack

I’ve been looking for a cute, highly functional backpack that doesn’t look like I’m heading off to school. It’s not the easiest task! There are definitely a lot of options now when it comes to backpacks for adults, but I kept finding super expensive designer ones, ones designed for moms to use more as a…

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Packing Lists

Palm Beach Packing

I am counting down the days until I’m in Palm Beach with Maddie! We had been trying to figure out a fun girls trip for us to do. We thought a Florida beach trip in the middle of winter would give us something nice to look forward to and then give us that Vitamin D…



On My Radar

This was a great week filled with a little bit of everything. From finding a solution for my permanent retainer (I was pretty sure it moved & it’s holding my front two teeth together!), spending a little bit of time with Mike’s nieces, speaking to an amazing group of students at Rutgers Prep, and getting…


Cable & Bow

Welcome back to another episode of “shopping my closet.” I love that this features some well-loved pieces from my closet but paired in a way I haven’t worn yet. It’s also not super wintery. We’re definitely still in winter. But I’m getting all these spring-y emails and I have Palm Beach on the mind so I’m…

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