Off the Shoulder

Throwing it back to my June trip to Nantucket with Ashley! We had that perfect Nantucket weather where it was chilly and warm on and off again. I spent most of the day with a sweater on, but had some moments where I was too warm with it on. I liked how it looked over…


Insane J. Crew Prices

J. Crew is currently having a major (major!) sale right now on some items. I had to share five of my own favorites because the prices are just that good. DENIM SHORTS: $24.50 FAN TASSEL EARRINGS (c/o): $14.50 STRUCTURED STRIPE SHIRT: $24.50 ROLLNECK SWEATER: $24.50 (So many colors available! Definitely my “top pick” from the sale.) TIPPI SWEATER: $24.50


How to Minimize the Stress You’re Feeling

I’ve noticed recently that I’m in a period of significantly less stress than usual. A big part of it is that we finally closed on the house and that instantly alleviated a lot of the big stuff on my plate. But I think a larger part of that is that I’ve just gotten better at…


My Most Worn Pieces

I didn’t intend on having this outfit be completely comprised of my most worn items, but as I went through and reviewed photos, I realized that they are! I wear these things all the time. You’ve probably definitely maybe seen these quite a bit. Not only are they wardrobe staples, I feel my most comfortable while…


House Finds

My eyes have pretty much only been looking for cute things to decorate our home with. It’s such a fun process! I’m trying to take things slowly, but I’m also finding myself quite tempted around just about every corner. ORLA THROW WHITE ISLAND WRAPPED PITCHER ESSENTIAL OIL DIFFUSER   MARTHA’S VINEYARD CANDLE SUNBLEACHED COUNTER STOOL…


On My Radar

This has been such a fun, relaxing week here on Nantucket. I always look forward to this week and this one has been no exception. (I’m also coming back for a week at the end of August with my parents and sister!) It was definitely the warmest I have ever been here so it’s called…


Embroidered Flutter Sleeve

I tend to reach for dresses quite a bit when I want to look “cute” during the summer. I also have an abundance of dresses. (I have more than enough.) But every summer I find myself realizing that I just don’t have a lot of cute tops, beyond tees– particularly of the striped variety. It’s…


Shooting Film

I jumped on the bandwagon of film (sort of). All “the kids” seem to be doing it and after one night of falling down a hole of tutorials on Youtube, I ordered a film camera and a few rolls of film to play around with. My plan was to pack it for the trip I…


Tory Burch Smocked Bathing Suit

Ashley and I took these photos together during our stay at The Wauwinet! They have a private beach that was just calling our names. And with a picture-perfect blue sky, it was a great day to spend some time by the ocean. I also had to get these photos up once I realized the bathing…