What’s in my bag?

I know a bunch of bloggers do this with their purses or totes, but I thought this would be really fun to do with my Coxswain Bag! As a coxswain, I have to be super prepared on the water. But also keep things light. Extra weight=bad! This is what I bring on the water during…


I want to rewind the clock

… and be 7 years old again. These playhouses are INCREDIBLE. I found them at Lilliput Playhomes. This one is definitely my favorite. It looks like a real house. And I love the porch!!! So cute! This definitely one-ups the half puppet show/half grocery store stand that my sister and I had. A little much,…


Heading to Henley!

I’m coxing a four at Henley in July!!! You can read all about the Henley Royal Regatta here. The four guys I’m coxing are absolutely awesome; I feel so fortunate to be able to go with them. I need a little bit of help from you guys though! First, if anyone lives in the Georgetown/DC…


Looks for Less- again!

I’m sure you guys have seen these super cute baby socks by Trumpette. I’m quite partial to the ballet slipper ones!!! They’re a bit pricey though… And you’d have to imagine that the socks can’t be worn for all the long due to growing feet and dirty floors. I found cute ones from Target that…


Team Up- Blog

Remember my million posts/tweets about TEAM UP and the trip to South Africa for the World Cup?!? Well guess what! It’s really happening… really soon!!! (Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make the trip, but I’m so excited for them) The Team Up blog is UP AND RUNNING! Check it out!!! xoxo


The Colorful Gator

A couple of readers asked if I could post about a Lilly promotion. Hello, Lilly and promotion in one sentence, how could I pass that up??? Here’s the information right from the Facebook event page. Whats colorful and matching all over? Our Memorial Day match promotion! Come into the store with word of any other…


Theory of Threes

So I have this theory. It applies specifically to my life, but could probably be manipulated to apply to others. Basically, I divide my life into three categories: School, Crew, and Social. School is essentially grades, projects, stress levels, etc. Crew involves everything: how practices go, if I get time in the launch, what boats…