Dear Freshmen,

Dearest Freshmen, Congratulations on being accepted into the best university. I’m sure that everyone back home is very, very proud. I totally get why you bought twenty college shirts, four pairs of sweatpants, three plastic water bottles, and an obnoxious back pack, all in school colors. You must be pretty intelligent to have been accepted….



I am definitely not a “jewelry girl.” I go through phases where I love certain jewelry and wear them to death, and other times I can survive without wearing any. [Except for earrings… I feel naked without them!] The jewelry I wear the most all have special meanings behind them, like I received it as…


A Peek into My Dorm

I have an hour (actually less than that now ah!) until my next class, but I thought that I would show y’all what my dorm looks like! I know you guys are at the edge of your seats with suspense! Here’s my bed… The refrigerator doubles as my night stand, woo! Yes, that is my…


Back to School- College

I leave for Georgetown on Saturday morning. I have very mixed emotions about heading back to DC for school. I have loved being home this summer and spending time with Soccer Mom & Dad and Sporty Sister (and our two cats Pookie and SoHo). Things I will miss: My family My cats Favorite restaurants &…


Class of 2010- FDO

The buzzword at our house towards the end of the summer is FDO. For those not familiar with the Heit family acronym, it’s the First Day Outfit. Normally, my sister and I would spend weeks browsing through magazines, shopping in the mall, and selecting the perfect outfit for the first day back. First impressions are…


Back to School- Middle & High School

Here is the middle school and high school edition of my Back to School posts! Again, hand sanitizer is super important. A gel is most convenient for older kids. It dries super quickly and leaves a fresh, clean scent. Run to your local Bath & Body Works and stock up because they’re having a huge…


Back to School- Elementary

Since summer must come to an end eventually, I thought I should do a “Back to School Special” on my blog. I’m going to do an elementary school, middle/high school, and college edition. Today is all about the youngsters! Hand sanitizer is an absolute MUST, especially with Swine Flu. Remind your child to wash hands…


100th Post A

I cannot believe that this is my 100th post! I came up with the idea of starting a blog during a stressful period at school and I never could have imagined where it would lead me. I am so thankful for each and every one of my followers. Remember that garden Soccer Mom and I…