Recent Beauty Loves

Dyson Blowdryer // My blowdryer recently bit the dust. Midway through drying my hair one morning it just went caput. Luckily, I have a mini-dryer I use for travel so I wasn’t totally left high and (not) dry. I was doing a bit of research, as one does, before making my next purchase and I decided…


On My Radar

Happy Friday, friends! I had to take it easy earlier this week with a pinched nerve. Luckily it happened over the weekend so I just gave myself permission to lay as low as possible. After 24 hours of immobilization and a trip to the chiropractor, I feel 100% better already. (That said, I’m trying to…


Floral Peplum

I had this top in my shopping cart on and off for three weeks. I kept changing my mind and wasn’t sure if it would fit and/or look cute. I don’t do a lot of tops like this one! I ended up trying it in the store and loved it. I even packed it for…


My Hoboken Favorites

I’ve been getting a lot of requests for things to do and where to eat in Hoboken. I would consider myself the farthest from a Hoboken expert. Having lived here for a year though, I’ve discovered some of my favorites spots. I also live more downtown in Hoboken, so my go-to spots are mostly there….


J. Crew Sun Dress in Paris

I’m partnering with J. Crew on today’s post and the timing couldn’t have been better. J. Crew is always my first stop for shopping when I’m trying to find something new for a trip, like my recent trip to Paris. (I don’t know what it is about trips but it makes me want to revamp…


Random Things I’ve Been Loving

I started writing down a list of random things I’ve been into. Only one of which has anything to do with this outfit 😂I found another folder of outfits and now I have an overabundance of them ready to go for the blog… which kind of never happens for me. First the outfit, then the…


Diary No. 8

Happy Saturday, friends. Back today with another round up of iPhone pictures from the past two weeks. With Paris smack dab in the middle of this two week period (where I only took iPhone photos!), this grouping is a little lackluster. I bought this swimsuit on a whim. I’ve been trying a bunch of one-pieces…


On My Radar

Paris was a dream and I knew it’d be kind of “womp womp” returning, especially since Mike was going to London. But it was honestly a pretty relaxing week and I kind of lived it up having the whole apartment to myself 😉 Nothing like coming back from Paris and going straight to the French…