Diary No. 12

Sharing some phone iPhone snaps from the past two-ish weeks! Nicole’s bachelorette party was so much fun. It was very low-key and I think everyone had a blast. Her wedding is this month (!!!) and it was a great way for her friends from different parts of her life (neighborhood, college, work, etc.) to get to…


On My Radar

This week has been relatively “normal.” I think it was the first (almost full) week of normalcy since our move. Of course, we left for Mike’s family’s lake house last night so now we’re traveling again…. but still, I am here for feeling a bit closer to normal!! And I’m so excited for the next few…

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In a Neutral Mood

After a cute summer dress, a monochromatic look is one of the easiest ways to get dressed while on a trip. It takes the guesswork out of things and even if the colors are slightly off (cream with white), it still works. I wore this multiple times while on Nantucket and felt so good each time….

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What I Read in July

This was a tougher month for reading. Whereas the first half of the year I was in Hoboken reading every free minute I had, now I’m in this house and every chance I get I’m mostly organizing, cleaning, or putting something together. Reading has been shoved to the backburner. It also didn’t help that I…

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My Favorite Tee for Fall, Available for Pre-Order Again

My favorite tee is available for pre-order again. This shirt is so good. I love it so much that I have it in black, navy, and white. Honestly, it’s perfection. For sizing, I’d size up one size. My white is an XS, but I prefer the length of my navy and black which are both smalls. Original Post…

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4 Things You Must Know About Self Care

What a perfect way to kick off the week. Today, Maxie is sharing her advice for making the most of your self care routine. 4 Things You Must Know About Self Care Guest post by Maxie McCoy The way we take care of ourselves matters. I think we’d all agree with that. And there’s sure…


Tied with a Bow

I had to post this dress today because it’s still available and it’s now “sale on sale” so it’s just under $110 at checkout. I can’t tell you enough great things about it. It’s as comfortable as it is beautiful. Naturally, I had to get the blue & white, but it also comes in a gorgeous…

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Beach Chairs

Because I grew up in Florida, I think a lot of people assume I spent a lot of time going to the beach. My parents bought a house in a coastal area (Tampa Bay) but we were still a little bit of a drive away from “the beach.” (Only about 45 minutes, but when you’re a…

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