Prepster Playlist No. 26

Anyone else in the mood for a new playlist? I don’t really have a method for making these playlists, I just add songs that I like as I hear them and try them to around an hour… This one ended up a little more mellow than they usually are. It’s a great one to put…



I haven’t really worn shoes all that much since March. Sneakers to work out in and walk the dogs, my UGGs back when it was still freezing/snowing in March, and then now my Jack Rogers. It’s been a lovely break for my feet. (In fact, my right foot had been so swollen for three years…


One Year At Home

I can’t believe it’s already June 21st… today marks one whole year in our house. I feel like we’ve lived here forever though, in the best possible way. Mike and I are both so happy to be here. So much so that we’re both wishing we could live here forever. As excited as I was…

Warm Weather

Swimsuit & Coverup Matchup

I wanted to round up some of my favorite swimsuits and coverups and the combos I wear the most. I don’t think we will go down the shore as much as we did last year, but we are still sunbathing (or sun hiding in my case) and hanging out in our backyard quite a bit….

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On My Radar

I had a lot to be grateful for this week. New Jersey moved into a new phase where things are definitely more open. I know some states/cities haven’t been great about mask-usage but it is such a relief to go into a store and see absolutely everyone complying, even in the parking lot. Tomorrow, Mike…


Backyard Oasis with Serena and Lily

Mike and I have really put a big emphasis on getting our yard in tip top shape for the summer. We’re (obviously) home a lot now and it’s been a DREAM to have a backyard. While it’s pretty tiny, it’s actually a very functional space. We are likely not going to be in this house…

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Finding the Why

This post is going to seem a little rambly. To be honest, it’s been on my mind for a while (at least six months) and now it definitely feels like it’s coming to a head. I have been trying to figure out the Why. Not just “the why” but my Why. I think I had a…


The Perfect Button Up

If you take one peek into my closet, one thing becomes abundantly apparent: I love a good button up. Over the years I have honed in a few great ones. (My favorite is one from Joe Fresh, which apparently is no longer in the United States.) I have a bunch of different styles depending on…

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Cute Face Masks

Wearing face masks seemed like such an abstract idea back in March. (I even had someone block me on Instagram for even suggesting it– seems like a lifetime ago!) From what I’m gathering from Instagram DMs, it really seems geo-specific on whether people are actually wearing face masks. Up here in New Jersey, as things are…