Diary No. 33

Back with another round up of iPhone snaps over the past few weeks! This was such a fun sewing project. I’ve had this tote for years. (I can’t find the exact style, but this is super close, just bigger.) I sewed a gingham liner for it and it feels like a whole new bag. I…


On My Radar

As I write this, I have a to-go latte from our neighborhood cafe next to me. My office is super dark, even though it’s only 2 pm, because a rainstorm is rolling over us. Teddy and Hamilton are flopped under my chair– their hair curled up from running around in the rain. Just wanted to…


Linen for Summer

Remember when I said I would wear this top in every color and print imaginable? I’ve stayed true to my word. I can’t get enough of the silhouette. I find it to be incredibly flattering and super comfortable. I loved this linen-esque version. It’s light and airy, perfect for summer. I’m wearing it with dark…

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gift ideas

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Dads are so hard to shop for, or at least my dad is. My sister and I usually scramble to try to find something that he will actually use or actually needs and, most importantly, won’t return. I’m putting together a gift guide and also spoiling the surprise of what I already pre-ordered for my…

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Walking the Walk

I’m sure a lot (or I hope a lot, if not all!) of you spent the last week or so reflecting. I muted myself on Instagram to better amplify Black voices, but I think it’s important to “unmute.” I had this vase of peonies on my counter and every day the tight balls started to…


Sewing Basics

I promise my blog isn’t going to turn into a DIY blog… but for the past 11+ plus years, it’s followed me through every stage of my life. And right now, I’m all about the crafting. I’ve said it before, but I think right now it’s coming down to a deep, deep desire (maybe even…

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11 Black Creators and Businesses

Yesterday I did not post on here and on my social. Instead, I took the day to reflect and learn and listen. As a white woman, I know I have more to do to help amplify Black people, voices, and businesses, but I also think it’s important that it doesn’t become a “performance” or just…


Face Masks (Update: Sold Out!)

Today’s the day! I have been working on creating fifty face masks to fundraise for No Kid Hungry and making even more to donate locally. When it became clear months ago that hospitals wouldn’t have enough PPE for medical professionals, my heart broke. How horrible to have doctors and nurses helping people without proper protection to…


What I Read In May

How is it already the end of May? I finished four books in May. Not terrible, not great for me… but I’ve been calling my mom during walks instead of listening to books and my new sewing habit has taken over the free time I’d otherwise be reading. I will say, I have LOVED Book…

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