Tied with a Bow

I had to post this dress today because it’s still available and it’s now “sale on sale” so it’s just under $110 at checkout. I can’t tell you enough great things about it. It’s as comfortable as it is beautiful. Naturally, I had to get the blue & white, but it also comes in a gorgeous…

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Beach Chairs

Because I grew up in Florida, I think a lot of people assume I spent a lot of time going to the beach. My parents bought a house in a coastal area (Tampa Bay) but we were still a little bit of a drive away from “the beach.” (Only about 45 minutes, but when you’re a…

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On My Radar

After getting back from Nicole’s bachelorette party, I was ready to have my mom come and visit and see the house. Life had other plans though and her flight was completely canceled and all the other flights were booked and she tried flying standby. Not going to lie, I was so disappointed. But she’ll be here…


The Andrea Dress

I didn’t love how this dress looked right out of the box. I almost didn’t even bother trying it on… but I’m so glad I did. I LOVE this dress. I think it’s my favorite Gal Meets Glam one ever. While it’s dressy, it’s insanely comfortable and the fit is just right. I have been…

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Lake Pajamas Sale

I wear Lake Pajamas more nights than not. They’re the most comfortable pajamas I have in my nightstand. I will fully admit that they’re not the chicest pajamas out there, but if you’re going for cute and comfortable… you can’t go wrong with Lake. They’re having a huge summer sale currently so now is the time to…

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House Update: What’s Been Done

I wanted to do a big update of what we’ve done around the house and what still has to be done. In some ways, it feels like we’ve done a lot and then in other ways it feels like we have a long way to go. Most of it is pretty boring and behind the…

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Ruffles on the Beach

This isn’t my “usual” beach look. Usually, I’m hiding under sweatshirts/sweaters (if it’s slightly chilly) or a sunshirt and yoga pants or a towel. And I usually have a baseball hat with messy hair from the wind and/or surf. With that out of the way though, I was feeeeeeling myself in this look. The earrings…

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5 No-Cook Recipes for Hot Summer Days

Between moving, traveling, and the heat I haven’t had that much time (or desire) to cook in the kitchen. We’ve been doing a bunch of grilling outdoors (and by “we” I mostly mean Mike) and, honestly, eating out. Will definitely be keeping note of Louisa’s ideas for non-cook recipes– best of both worlds! 5 No-Cook Recipes…


Summer Sweater

I know I’m posting this during a heatwave (yikes!), but I love a good summer sweater. This one has been in my repertoire for a handful of years now and I tend to pack it on nearly every trip I take. It’s so fun yet classic. And because the flag sweater has gotten so popular, Ralph…

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