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I have been semi-expecting this rollercoaster to feel easier, but it’s not exactly. I will say I am having more days that feel “normal” (as in I’ve adjusted to the new normal), but the lows are worse. I thought things opening back up would help but it really hasn’t, for me at least. It’s so strange…


All Dressed Up, Nowhere to Go

About twice a week, I have the energy and motivation to put on “real” clothes. Other than that, I’m hanging out in casual things. Because of this, what I’m buying clothing-wise has changed quite a bit. I’m not buying much at all, but if I do buy something it falls under the “cozy” category. With…

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DIY Embroidered Sweatshirt

This is a very 2020 post for me. I’ve been on a major DIY/crafting kick. It started last year but now that we’re in quarantine, it’s only increased. It’s my favorite way to keep busy. Mostly because it gives my hands something to do besides endlessly scrolling through my phone. Things are slowly starting to open…


Vacation At Home

Now that the unofficial start of summer is here but typical summer plans are likely on hold, Mike and I have been trying to make being at home feel like a vacation. It doesn’t always go perfectly, but it’s nice to try and it still feels like a nice break. Here’s what we’ve been doing and…


Sales This Weekend

There are so many sales happening right now. Sharing what I think are the best and what I think would be the most useful for you! Alright… here we go! Rattan Wine Tote 20% off AERIE: 10 Pairs of Underwear for $35 I am a psycho about my underwear. I hate having to make the…



Diary No. 32

Here’s what I’ve been up to the past couple of weeks according to my iPhone. It’s been a bit more of the same 😉 I finished my little needlepointed striped shirt by Sara Fitz. I did the background and will eventually do a small frame of it! I thought it came out so cute… it…


On My Radar

This week was… a week. It’s definitely still very much a rollercoaster. In someways it’s crazy how routine and “normal” life feels right now. (As in, we’ve really settled into this new normal.) But on the other hand, I think I spent some time this week grieving the old normal. Just a lot on my…



One of the best parts about the internet is that I’ve been able to make some amazing friends over the years, regardless of where they live! One of the worst parts is it means you can become friends with people who don’t actually live that close. Ashley is one of those people. We’ve been lucky…

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My Favorite Free Youtube Workouts

As you guys likely know, I had been doing PureBarre workouts on my iPad since the beginning of this quarantine situation. I fell in love with Barre classes at my new gym last winter and really wanted to recreate those classes at home. I did the 60 day free trial with PureBarre and it was…

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