Week of Outfits No. 2

Loved that you guys had great feedback for this new series. One thing that will become pretty clear is that I love to rewear favorites over and over again…


I started the day with a coffee meet up with my sister-in-law, and spent the rest of the day working from home. It was a mostly desk day… including a few phone calls for upcoming projects! I also ran to the grocery store because it was my night to cook dinner, hence the tote!

Similar Sweater (mine is J. Crew and I’m still hoping they bring it back this year– it’s THE best)


Similar Flats 

Similar Tote (I bought mine last year on Nantucket from Murray’s)


Worked from home all day followed by my volunteer shift. I wrote all about this outfit last week– super comfy with leggings but feel a little more put together with the sweater blazer!







I only left the house to get a zucchini for zucchini bread. I had a lot to catch up on and a lot to get ahead on so it was a super boring computer day.

Similar Sweater

Similar Jeans

Shoes (20% off with “RINGRING” at checkout)


I wrapped things up for work with the goal of not touching my laptop all weekend and then left for Mike’s family’s lake house in the afternoon. Mike was already up there so the dogs and I drove up together for the five-ish hour drive.

Sweater (c/o)

Similar Jeans

Similar Shoes

Weekender (20% off with “RINGRING”)

Tote (x-large, regular handle)


We had a glorious day at the lake and I even took one of the best naps I’ve ever had in my entire adult life, no joke.

Dress (on sale!)

Similar Sweater

Similar Shoes


Another beautiful day! It was warm and autumnal… my favorite kind of weather combination. I kept taking my sweatshirt on and off throughout the day as the weather changed. Warm in the sun, cool by the water.

Fleece sweatshirt (c/o)

Nap Dress (sold out)




I left the lake in the morning and got back to the house early in the afternoon and I had MANY emails to catch up. Just very, very comfortable.



Similar Shoes

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Love all these outfits, thanks for sharing! I’m curious what project tracker you use to/task list keeper/generally how you stay organized with so many balls in the air! Would love to know more 🙂

Ella Y.

THIS POST AGAIN!!!! One of My all-time favorite series!!!!! Love it! Please keep continuing!!!!!


Love this series.
Question- what do you wear under you sweaters (in particular the jcrew cable one in the first pic). I feel like t shirts sometimes look bulky with the sleeves and neckline. Tanks are perfect, but then deodorant, sweat on the underarms of the sweater- gross. I spend way too much time thinking about this but haven’t come up with a good solution!


Love this new series – especially for us ladies working for home nowadays! 100% just jumped onto JCrew’s site and purchased that stunning lemon ochre colored dress …. Very curious about your volunteering though.


I really love these posts. Such a good re-cap of everyday outfits that we can all relate to. I also love the description of what you were doing that accompanies the photos.


I feel like I need to invest in a Nap Dress! Will wear with big fuzzy cardigan and slippers while cozying up next to a fire, during the winter 🙂

Jenn J.

I love this new series! I tend to wear my favorites repeatedly so it’s nice to know that I’m not alone in that. Thank you for sharing, Carly 🙂


I love this series! It’s nice to see a blogger repeat pieces/outfits honestly. It makes me more inclined to buy something if I can see it worn in a number of ways! It also lets me know how much you really love the clothing if you wear it a lot.


Love Thursday’s outfit! Also your husband is handsome. He has that old-fashioned (in a good way) gentlemanly charm about him, if that makes sense?